Group Meetings

Articles for Upcoming Group Meetings

In Spring 2017, we meet every Friday at 2.30pm in CH 132.


Apr 21st: Sato et al.: Noise Injection Techniques to Expose Subtle and Unintended Message Races, PPoPP 2017.

Mar 12th: Alexander Spiegelman et al.: Transactional Data Structure Libraries, 2016.

Mar 3rd: article review

Dec 8th: no paper discussion

Dec 1st: no paper discussion

Nov 10th: Haldeman et al.: Exploring energy-performance-quality tradeoffs for scientific workflows with in-situ data analyses, 2015.

Nov 3rd: Article Review

Oct 27th: Paper Review

Oct 20th: Felber et al.: Elastic Transactions, 2009.

Oct 13th: Guo et al.: Compiler-Assisted Overlapping of Communication and Computation in MPI Applications. IEEE Cluster 2016.

Oct 6th: Vincent Gramoli: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know about Synchronization. PPoPP 2015.

Sept 29nd: Masliah et al.: High-performance matrix-matrix multiplications of very small matrices.

Sept 22nd: Johannes Spazier et al.: Automatic generation of parallel C code for stencil applications written in MATLAB

Sep 15th: Danny Hendler: On the Complexity of Reader-Writer Locks, PODC 2016.

Sep 8th: Wang et al.: BLASX: A High Performance Level-3 BLAS Library for Heterogeneous Multi-GPU Computing.

Sep 1st: Bjarne Stroustrup: Software Development for Infrastructure.