Hall Of Fame

Doctor of Philosophy

Hadia Ahmed (August 2017): Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA
Dissertation: Improving Performance Portability and Productivity of Parallel Scientific Applications for Exascale

Reed Milewicz (August 2016): Sandia National Laboratories, NM
Dissertation: Improving the Scalability of Directed Model Checking of Concurrent Java Code through Hybrid and Distributed Analysis


Master of Science

Sujan Khadka (May 2016), Uber R&D, Pittsburg, PA
Project: A light-weight translator of Matlab to parallel C++.

Nick Dzugan (December 2015), Walmart, Bentonville, AR
Project: Scalable Containers for C++11.

Juan Felipe Gonzalez (May 2015), Motorola Systems, Birmingham, AL


Bachelor of Science

Rachel Adamec (May 2017): TBD
Project: Translation of Matlab constructs to C++

Joshua Akpoebi Agberebi (May 2017): TBD
Project: OpenMP and Transactions.

Sam Collie (December 2016): Full stack web developer at a healthcare IT company, Ontario, Canada.
Project: Accelerating Runtime Error Checking Through Compile-time Check Elimination (Honors Project).

Lee Wilson (May 2016): Ph.D. student at UAB (iProgress)
Project: Translating Matlab to Parallel C++ (Honors Project).

Joshua Pritchett (December 2015): Ph.D. student at UCLA.
Project:  A Generator for Memorable and Secure Passwords. (together with Kalyani Bhagat)

Braden Groom (May 2015), Software Engineer at Apple Inc., Cupertino, CA
Project: Improving Authorship Attribution Methods Using Compiler Information.

Kalyani Bhagat (December 2014), Software Developer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
Project : A Generator for Memorable and Secure Passwords. (together with Joshua Pritchett)

Michael Gotfryd (December 2014), Application Developer at Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC, Birmingham, AL
Project: An Online Event
Management System.

High School

Kayleigh Alexander (ASFA, May 2016-April 2017): Verifying Loop Termination of Java for Loops.
2nd place in CASEF and advanced to ASEF; 3rd place at ASEF; won Intel Excellence in Computer Science award.