The Blaze Concurrent Library

Slides on transactional memory (CS401/501): l14c-tm


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

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Reed Milewicz, Marjan Mernik, Peter Pirkelbauer: SimpleConcepts: A Lightweight Extension to C++ to Support Constraints on Generic Types. In Computer Science and Information Systems, ComSIS, Online First Issue, 2014. doi:10.2298/CSIS131209053M


Peer Reviewed Conference, Symposium, and Workshop Papers

Hadia Ahmed, Anthony Skjellum, Purushotham Bangalore, Peter Pirkelbauer. Transforming Blocking MPI Collectives to Nonblocking and Persistent Operations, EuroMPI, 2017, to appear.

Viktoria Riiman, Amalee Wilson, Reed Milewicz, Peter Pirkelbauer: Comparing Artificial Neural Network and Cohort-Component Models for Population Forecasts. Population Association of America, Annual Meeting 2017.

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Reed Milewicz, Marjan Mernik, Peter Pirkelbauer: SimpleConcepts: Support for Constraints on Generic Types in C++. In 4th Workshop on Advances in Programming Languages, 2013.


Posters and Presentations

Peter Pirkelbauer: Concurrent Object Design on Systems with Hardware Transactional Memory. University of Central Florida, August 2017.

Peter Pirkelbauer: Runtime Checking of C programs, Alabama Cyber Research Consortium, July 2017.

Peter Pirkelbauer: Hardware Transactional Memory and Concurrent Data Structures. Texas A&M University, Invited Talk. February 2017.

Viktoria Riiman, Reed Milewicz, Amalee Wilson, Peter Pirkelbauer: Using Machine Learning for Population Projections, Presentation at the The Federal-State Cooperative for Population Projections Meeting, U.S. Census Bureau, 2016.

Anthony Skjellum, Hadia Ahmed and Peter Pirkelbauer: Petal Tool: From Blocking Collectives to Non-Blocking Collectives MPI, Poster at EuroMPI, 2017.

Amalee Wilson: Compiling MATLAB to C++, Grace Hopper Celebration, 2016.

Samuel Collie: The Instrumentation of Unsafe to Safe Functions Using the RTC Runtime Checking Tool, ACM Mid-Southeast Conference, 2015.

Amalee Wilson: Conversion of MATLAB to C++ to Improve Performance and Efficiency, ACM Mid-Southeast Conference, 2015.

Hadia Ahmed, Anthony Skjellum, Peter Pirkelbauer: Analyzing and Transforming Legacy MPI Applications. Poster at Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing, 2015.

Peter Pirkelbauer: Runtime Checking C Programs, Auburn University, Invited Talk, March 2015.

Braden Groom: Improving Authorship Attribution Methods Using Compiler Information, ACM Mid-Southeast Conference, 2014.

Peter Pirkelbauer: Non-blocking Programming Techniques, University of Innsbruck, Invited Talk. July 2013.

Peter Pirkelbauer: Portable Non-blocking Data Structures, University of Alabama, Invited Talk. IEEE Alabama Computer Society talk of the month, March 2013.